Helping Sabrina get the message out DON’T DRINK & DRIVE!

I have been blessed to have many cool opportunities in my photography career and have photographed several famous people in this role, like Lance Armstrong, and President George W. Bush,  but I think last weekend’s session to help Sabrina Amundson with a Public Service Announcement poster will for sure  one of the top memories in my profession.

Sabrina almost lost her life due to a stupid and selfish actions of a drunk driver a few days before Christmas.   I called here a couple of weeks ago to ask how I could help her family out during her recovery and she came back of wanting to do some photos with her friends and maybe coming up with something to remind people to not drink and drive.  You can read a great article by The Mount Vernon and Lisbon Sun that tells her story.

Sabrina is an awesome young person and I admire her attitude on trying to make a purpose out of her pain that has suffered at the hands of drunk young man who suffered no injuries from his actions.  Sabrina injuries are going to be a life long challenge, but her determination to get back to her volleyball team by next fall is an admirable goal!  If you ever worry about the future of our country with stories of problem youth—well I am here to tell you that young people like Sabrina give me much optimism that our future is bright.  Thanks Sabrina for trusting me to create a PSA poster to remind people the decision is Black and White… DON’T DRINK and DRIVE!  Update to this post I just created the back side of the poster today, hope to have these out for distribution this week, we will be asking for a donation to help Sabrina’s family with medical expenses.


  1. Great poster! I would like to use this in our police dept eFforts to get the message out as well!
    Let me know how I can help!
    Chief Winder

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