Mount Vernon’s Zip Code Day Photo available for ordering now!

Last Friday was 5-23-14 and created a special event called Zip Code day when a town’s Zip Code matches the date.   Our quaint town of  52314 took advantage of this once in a 100 year opportunity and created several events to celebrate.  When  I heard of the idea of a “community photo” I inquired what that entailed and when it was just going to be a “mob” shot of towns people on main street, I thought I should put my spin to it and stuck my neck out and offered to create the Zip Code with the citizens of Mt. Vernon.   Thanks to a few volunteers and some help of our great Elementary teachers, some luck,  and I am sure a lot of “Divine intervention”–we were able to herd the crowd into 52314!    While the goal was to to the photo at 5:23 pm and 14 seconds we did get it pulled off before 5:30.

Thanks to Joe Jennison from the Mount Vernon Lisbon Community Development Group , and Jake Krob from the Mount Vernon and Lisbon Sun Newspaper for roof access and help with logistics.   This photo along with many others taken that day, and other items will be sealed in a time capsule for the next Zip Code day in 2114.  Also special thanks the members of the Zip Code Day Committee, and to my wife Marci Schmatt, Jim Baty, Michelle Bostwick, Haley Severance, and Jan Moore for helping me on the ground.

If you would like to order a photo for your scrapbook or for display in your home or office click on the link below to the PDF for information.  HURRY you can save some money by ordering by July 1st, 2014!Zip Code Day version 3



Zip Code Day Order Form by July 1st


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