area Churches to present “To Save a Life” in Mount Vernon May 11, 2011

Hello my Blog Followers, just wanting to post about an event that I am helping organize in our community to help our Youth begin a dialogue about the problems they are facing.  This movie is a great vehicle to open the lines of communication with it’s frank portrayal of the social issues teens face, from drugs, alcohol, sex and suicide. The hope of the movie is to get Teens to look for A Higher Purpose, and look at their relationship with God.  Change a Life, Save a Life is one motto from this movie,  and we hope by bringing these topics out into the open we can help our Youth stay vigilant to make GOoD Choices as one bad choice can wipe away all the previous good choices.  We have had two recent tragedies in our community which was the catalyst for showing this movie, but with Proms and Graduation Parties right around the corner it is important to show this film for those reasons too.  There is also a parent viewing planned the week prior to the Youth event. You can see info in the photo posters posted in this blog

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