Brian Jedlicka 2011 Senior

It always makes a guy feel good when you earn the trust of a family and get to be their family photographer. I was lucky enough to get to do eldest Jedlicka –Karl several years ago and then Reece a couple of years after that, and now Brian for the Solon Class of 2011!  and we have had a few family photo shoots in between too.  It was a bit chaotic around the studio today with the County doing some work on our property and their help in finding my phone line by cutting it in two!  All this while putting in a culvert that was promised back in April, and of course chose a day when I really needed a driveway, I had visions of the Jedlicka’s having to do the Duke’s of Hazard approach to the studio when I had no driveway at Noon and them due at 2 pm! But MaryAnn being the trooper she is took my suggestion of a 15 minute delay which ended up being very wise on my part and as the driveway was open for business a little after 2 pm!

It was a fun shoot with Brian today hearing about the end of soccer season and the prep for upcoming Football season with visions of 4th state championship as a goal.

here are just a few sample from Brian’s session and the rest can be see at this link

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