Cool website to check out Evernote–store your important files for Free in “the cloud”

My good friend Bob Randklev at helped me with one of my goals for the year, and that is to start residing in “the cloud” more with my applications and documents.  So taking me to Google applications for my calendar, contacts and email, he mentioned this cool site call EverNote I would highly recommend you check it out it is great place to store all kinds of file in “the cloud” and you can search it in so many ways, and the really cool thing is not only is it Free of course but you can get to your files from your SmartPhones, or iPads/iTouches. So many times I  have to tell someone I will have to look that info up when I get back to my main computer…well no more! Check it out only takes a few minutes to get the idea of this useful site!

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