Get your Burriotos from Brian at Hot Harry’s!

The great thing about doing senior photography is getting to know something about them,  and I always like to know what their part-time jobs are in the consultation.   So when Brian from Marion HS mentioned Hot Harry’s Burritos was his gig– I had an idea pop instantly.  I love the name of their business so I asked if we could incorporate Hot Harry’s  into his senior photos;  Brian said it is a fun place to work and I suggested setting a burrito on fire would be must!  So here we go, we are going to make a poster for Brian to hang in his room, and hopefully at Hot Harry’s and who knows maybe Brian of ” Hot Harry’s” will be the equivalent of Jared from “Subway” someday soon.  You can see the rest of Brian’s session at this link. You might want to check out what we did to his trombone too, thanks Brian for a great session!

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